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The First Black Wall St Jackson Ward

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Now you can Join Online a Spirit filled Church with a Global outreach and local Community Development mindset

                     Spiritual Education

1. Hear messages that teach us that Jesus is Lord meaning God and what the Bible says a person must do in order to be Saved and inherit Eternal life.

2. Hear teaching that the Holy Spirit is the 3rd Person of the God Head and available to every believer who desires His Power on the inside of them

                       Physical Healing

3. Receive prayer for physical healing if you are sick and teaching on walking in divine Health and that Jesus is alive today to perform miracles and is still the Healer of our Physical bodies.

                          Faith Teaching

4. You will also will hear the Word of Faith which is teaching on the subject of Faith and its power and how to exercise it to have success in life to the Glory of God. 

                          Wealth Teaching

5. You will also receive teaching on wealth and how to become wealthy because We believe according to John 10:10 that Jesus came to give us life in its Abundance and that includes Wealth which is Financial Independence.


6. We encourage members to show their  love for God by honoring Him with their substance and the first fruit of their increase. We  pray that the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ abound on their Life, that they increase in the fruit of righteousness and that God will Bless the WORK of their  hands as a result of their giving.

  What We Do with a large portion of the Donations Received

 Now concerning the collections for the Saints which takes place at the Church or Online, we at RCC after expenses do with the money received according to Acts 4:34 and 1 Corinthians 16:1, we make Distribution to every person that has Need so that there not be any  person  that is a Member of our ministry in Lack.

This is Done through our Church

The highest level of Giving is when one gives to God through their Church and it then helps someone not with their temporary need but it puts them in a Business or provides a job for them so they can be self sufficient and no longer be in need of anyone’s further support

"if we just Give a man a Fish it only feeds them for a day, but if you teach that man how to fish you feed him for a life time" 

What’s even better than that, is you help empower him to Buy / Purchase and own the Pond!!

Pastor Steve Parson

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Richmond Christian Center’s Legacy of over 35 years Building Community One Person at a Time

If you are in Need of help, not only Spiritually but also Physically and Financially, the RICHMOND CHRISTIAN CENTER is a Church where We The People by us the People are determined to be a Blessing to you the People. It is more Blessed for us as a Church to Give than it is for us to Receive.

Pastor Steve Parson

History of the Early Black Church How they Got their Money

Newport Gardner



Newport Gardner was a Freed Slave and the  founder and early member of the Free African Union Society in Newport, Rhode Island the first African benefit society in the United States in 1780.

 Gardner was also a prominent member in the religious and educational communities while serving as a deacon in the First Congregational Church. He started and was the headmaster the school for black children.

Free African Union Society, Newport, RI, 178O was the first of many Self help societies with religious services that took care of the needs of its members

  • Free African Society, Philadelphia, 1787
  • Free Dark Men of Color, Charleston, SC 1791
  • New York African Society for Mutual Relief, 1808
  • African Benevolent Society, Chillicothe, Ohio, 1827
  • Baltimore Society for Relief in Case of Seizure, 1830
  • Afric American Female Literary Association, Philadelphia, 1831
  • Coloured American Temperance Society, Philadelphia, 1831
  • Phoenix Society, New York City, 1833
  • Adelphic Union Library Association, Boston, 1836
  • Young Men's Literary and Moral Reform Society, Pittsburgh, 1837
  • Grand Fountain of the United Order of True Reformers, Richmond Va 1881

Rev Richard Allen

2. The Free African Society of in Philadelphia Pa was established by Rev Richard Allen in 1787

The Free African Society of Philadelphia Pa was established in 1787 by two African American former slaves, Richard  Allen and Absalom Jones which grew into the AME independent denomination.

These two men were Methodist converts from evangelical masters, who gave these men permission to purchase their freedom in the early 1780s. 

Mutual aid associations were the foundation of “ We the People, by us the People, and for the People” until the Government welfare state took over in the early 20th Century. 

 Mutual assistance and self-help were the cornerstones of the African American community for generations. 

Here we offer texts that document what, in 1903, W E. B. Du Bois called "the first wavering step of a people toward organized social life."

The earliest mutual assistance societies among free blacks provided a form of health and life insurance for their members—care of the sick, burials for the dead, and support for widows and orphans. Later societies sought to promote education and job training, especially for newly arrived African Americans, freemen and fugitive slaves. While the number of societies attests to the wide-ranging efforts of northern free blacks, most were hampered by low funds and low membership.  

Rev William Washington Brown

Rev William Washington Browne

The Father of Black American Capitalism 

Born into bondage on a Georgia plantation, Rev William Washington Browne a runaway slave, rose from slavery to build a business empire in Richmond Virginia in 1881. 

Only sixteen years after the End of the Civil War, during the Reconstruction Era, in the midst of Racism, Segregation,Legalized Discrimination, Jim Crow, Black codes, no Health care, no insurance, no food stamps, medicare or access to Capital, yet a Black Business Empire was build from working together and using their money to buy land and build their own buildings, businesses, schools etc.

Rev Browne became Pastor of the Leigh Street Methodist Episcopal Church on Leigh Street and 2nd Ave in Richmond and began preaching the Message that God has given us the Power to Get Money and do for ourselves.

He was the  first owner and founder of a Black owned Chartered Bank in the United States plus the Father of  Black American Capitalism and Founder of the Richmond-based Grand Fountain of the United Order of True Reformers a Mutual Benefit Organization.

He guided its transition from a temperance organization, to what one writer would call "the richest and most prosperous Negro Business organization in the world." He saw that deliverance from Alcohol certainly  was necessary, but without money and economic power, we as a people will still live at an disadvantage and be dependent on others.

The fraternal order's membership in Richmond Va reached the tens of thousands. Its holdings included a bank, retirement homes, an insurance society, a 150-room hotel, and a three-story office building and concert hall in a section called ”Jackson Ward" The first neighborhood to be called Black Wall Street In America.

 The Membership eventually grew to over 100,000 in 24 States.

Rev O.W. Gurley


Around the start of the 20th century O.W. Gurley, a wealthy black land-owner from Arkansas, traversed the United States to participate in the Oklahoma Land run of 1889. 

The young entrepreneur had just resigned from a presidential appointment under president Grover Cleveland in order to strike out on his own."

In 1906, Gurley moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where he bought/purchased 40 acres of land which was "only to be sold to colored". Black ownership was unheard of at that time.

He then built rooming houses for Blacks moving to Tulsa which developed into Two story houses, then Hotels and eventually at section called Greenwood which also became known as “Black Wall Street” a prosperous all Black community of ten thousand people until 1921.

Mutual Benefit Associations


The Black American Church can trace its origins back to benefit societies. One of the first being the Free African Society founded by the Rev Richard Allen and the many fraternal orders. 

Before the Black America could legally form Churches the  legal system essentially permitted the formation of Mutual Benefit Societies or Associations but required all such organizations of appreciable size to incorporate as one of these forms or another to continue to exist on an ongoing basis.

Benefit societies were organized around a shared ethnic background, religion, occupation, geographical region or other basis and helped their own members  to prosper.

The Black Wall Streets of America


Richmond Virginia‘s Jackson Ward which was the first Black neighborhood to be called Black Wall Street, with the likes of Maggie L Walker and John Mitchell Jr,

Tulsa Oklahoma‘s Greenwood Section

Durham North Carolina’s Parrish Street

Wilmington North Carolina

Rosewood Florida

All were birthed out of the Self Aid Mutual Aid Societies which came out of the Church and it’s people with God’s help working together to help its own members and community.

They generated Money through paying Membership Dues to the Benefit Society which gave them the power to pool their money together and purchase land, build buildings, start their own Banks and provide for themselves with other benefits.

Our History

One of the First Pastors to Endorse President Donald Trump

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