Who is Dr Steve Parson




Dr Steve Parson is the Founder and Pastor of the Richmond Christian Center ( RCC )which is located in Richmond, Va since 1983.


Dr Parson born in Buffalo, NY was raised in the Bapist Church, but received Jesus as his Lord and Savior while watching the PTL Club on television in 1976

 In 1977, while attending a Full Gospel Businessmen´s Convention in Winston Salem NC  he received the Pentecostal experience known as the Baptism with the Holy Spirit.


In 1978, he came into contact with the Books and cassette teachings by Kenneth Hagin of Tulsa, OK and Dr Fred Price of Los Angeles, Ca. He says, ” The Lord taught and ministered to me more through these two men than any theological school could possibly have done.

 He later was given an Honorary Graduate Degree from Kenneth Hagin´s Rhema Bible Training School Broken Arrow OK and was a Charter member on the Founding Board of Dr Fred Price´s Fellowship Of Inner Cities Word of Faith Ministries. 

On December 4, 1983, Dr Steve Parson gathered his family together in their living room for the first service of the Richhmond Christian Center. The Church since has received international and national recognition for its outreach ministries and television ministry (BET) over the years.

In 1985 Pastor Parson´s ministry and church received further recognition after a incident where a woman dropped  dead in the church at his feet and was miraclously brought back to life through prayer. When asked what he would attribute to the success of his ministry, he always responds, ” The Word of Faith” Romans 10:8.

Not counting the thousands of people in over 38 years saved and healed by receiving the Lord Jesus Christ Dr Parson is also known for his entrepreneur spirit and over 30 year background in Community Development Projects from the Church.

In 1987 after reading an article in the Ebony Magazine he started a Community Development Corporation called Southside Community Development and Housing Corporation which today has built over 400 homes for minority people in the inner city.

 The program was started in the Church with the Bank of America home buying seminars which taught people about home ownership verses renting an apartment. The Church then assisted the people with down payment money to become home owners and brought re vitalization to one of the poorest communities in Richmond Virginia to the Glory of God!

Currently the Corporation is buying depressed properties through out the United States and continuing to build homes in inner cities and preparing to participate in President Trump's New Deal for African Americans.

In 1989 with seed money from the Church Co founded the Virginia Development Loan Fund with members from the Church Tim Hayes and Thomas Hofler that provided small Business loans in conjunction with the Small Business Administration to minority business owners or entrepreneurs.The first loan came from the Church.

The same year he also Co founded a Drug Rehab Center with Rev Otis Smith another member of the Church called the House of Life that ministered the Word of God and deliverance  to hundreds of men over the years to help set them free from alcohol, cocaine and heroin addition of which some of the men today are very successful businessman and Ministers in Churches through out Richmond Va.

1990 Dr Parson started from the Church a Private Elementary School named Genesis Prepatory Academy and Day care which provided quality education for inner city youth with an emphasis being placed on obeying Authority, Attitude, Business, Excellence and Communication skills.

Also In 1990 a jobs training program from the Church headed by another member Sandra Sykes named Fresh Start Job training program was formed, which trained and prepared minority people for jobs and how to start businesses and work in the market place.

In 1998, Dr Parson was led to begin a work in the country of Brazil. He first ministered in the cities of Santos, Rio de Janeiro and then Recife. 

After many months and much traveling to Brazil, he then established and supported a church in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil through a local Pastor there and named it Faith Alive International Ministries of Brazil (FAIMB) which is on its own today.

He has since learned to speak portuguese and has sponsored missionary trips to the country providing medical ministry to the Brazilians in their more poverty stricken areas. 


Pastor Parson´s message is one of simplicity but Power. His reputation as a teacher is ” He ministers in a way that even a child can understand”. His emphasis has always been first and foremost eternal life and salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ, ” What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but looses his soul. 

Secondly physical healing and divine health, his healing ministry is one where people see gifts of healing and words of knowledge in demostration that astound the natural mind. 

Thirdly, Dr. Parson´s revelation in the Word of God on the third part of the Abrahamic Covenant which is Wealth, opens up the eyes of our understanding on Money and its purpose for increase like the Church has never heard before in modern times.

 His revelation on what the Bible says concerning Business, Ownership, Buying and Selling, exchange, trade, doing Business, the Business of Generating Our own Income and not being Dependent on people or anybodies giving is revelatory. 

He says the Lord is Our Provider and He Provides for us by giving us the Power/Ability to provide for ourselves. 

Financial Independence (Wealth) through doing Business is what he sees in the Word of God and is boldly declaring and demostrating today through his business efforts and faith in Action.

 His revelation in the scriptures on the principle of buying and selling, multiplication, networking, ownership, and provision is a message to be received and acted upon (faith without works is dead) to bring wealth to the body of Christ and ultimately the World to the Glory of God Our Father. 

In all under Dr Parson's leadership the Church has licensed, ordained and sent out over forty ministers which have started and/or are Pastoring their own Churches around the country today.

Community Outreach ministries have purchased and owned approx 3 to 4 blocks of the city of Richmond and Chesterfield County at one time.

In 2005 a multi million dollar Shopping plaza was purchased to generate income from tenants to pay church expenses and its mortgage note so it would not have to be dependent on the people's tithes and offerings.

Dr Parson encourages Pastors and Churches to generate income through doing Businesses rather than being dependent on its people's giving to pay ministry expenses. Jesus said it is more bless for us ( the church ) to give than it is for us ( the church ) to receive.

Today! Dr Parson has founded and is CEO/President of four other businesses, The Body of Christ Network INC

My Funding America LLC 

Richmond Community Development Center LLC

and now is CEO of America's New Deal inc and the National Centers for Education and Business Development inc.

He also was one of the Black American Pastors who met with President Donald Trump at the Trump Tower November 2015 endorsing him publicly for President.

He said "Billionaire Donald Trump for President is in my opinion the best candidate to help make america great again starting in the inner cities where poverty and unemployment is the highest"

He also headed up the Virginia Black Ministers Coalition for Trump and is on the Advisory Board of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. 

He continues the message of faith and that God has given us the power to do for ourselves which is called being free indeed.

Dr Parson says "We now have the opportunity to do greater works . . By working with Our new President Donald Trump and him working with his New Deal for African Americans he says we know what to do and how to do it because we have been there and done it before. 

"We now are in the process of making America great and strong again so get ready for the greatest wealth transfer and movement the world has ever seen".

Dr Steve Parson

My Mentor and Elder Brother in Ministry Dr Fred Price


Spiritual Father and Dad in the Lord, Rev Kenneth E Hagin